Full Call Reporting

easyclick2call provides, in real time and at no extra cost, reporting for all calls. Reports are accessed via the Delacon web interface.

The EasyClick2Call reporting system records, for each call:

  • date of call;
  • time of call;
  • Caller ID, or “Number From” (i.e. the number from which the caller is calling, where available);
  • DTMF entered by the caller;
  • “Number To” (i.e. the number that ultimately picks up the call);
  • total call duration; and
  • length of call following pick-up by the person to whom the call was transferred by the system.

Now you never have to miss a call. With easyclick2call ’s reporting feature, if you miss a call you can call the person right back.

Missed Call Notification

If for some reason a call goes unanswered, Delacon can send a Missed Call Notification email advising you that you just missed a call from a potential customer and listing the caller’s phone number. You can then contact the caller immediately and potentially turn that person into a customer.

Each Missed Call Notification includes:

1. Call result (answered/ unanswered/ busy/ message left/ no message left).
2. Caller’s phone number(provided even if the caller hangs up before speaking to anyone).
3. Time and date of the call. Length of the call (optional).?

Call Whisper

Delacon can configure easyclick2call so that each call initiated by the system includes a “call whisper” (for example: “Another lead from [name of your website or the source of the call]…”) which is played when the call is answered.- This way, you always know where your phone leads are coming from.

Why use easyclick2call?

  • REDUCE website abandonment
  • NO set-up fee, NO monthly fee, NO connection fees
  • Only pay for the calls you receive
  • Lowest call rates in the market
  • Fully customizable easyclick2call icon
  • WORLDWIDE reliable service

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