Who should use EasyClick2Call ?

Sales-based websites

Just by adding this simple button and providing customers with a help point, you can significantly increase customer satisfaction, reduce website abandonment, and ultimately achieve more sales conversions.

Services-based websites

By creating a live help point, easyclick2call can assist service-based websites to reduce customer frustration. You can also quickly identify if your service is not addressing client requirements through the questions that they are asking when connecting to your representatives using the easyclick2call feature.

Multiple-purpose websites

If your website serves a number of purposes, you can configure easyclick2call to divert to different numbers, depending on the webpage from which the web-surfer initiates the call. If a web browser clicks on easyclick2call in the sales section of your site, the system can connect him/ her to your sales team. If the browser moves to the FAQ section and initiates a call, you can connect him/her to your ‘help-desk’.

Booking Sites

Don’t risk losing important business because your online booking system is down or people have a simple question that the site doesn’t answer. Give people the power to access help quickly and directly.

By bringing a new level of interactivity and connectivity to your site, easyclick2call can improve your sales conversion rates. Customers and potential customers browsing your website will have an easy contact point if they are confused or have any questions. . You can insert a easyclick2call icon at various points on your website and, to make sure that customers reach the right business contact every time, you can then link the feature to different numbers (depending on the webpage from which a call is initiated).

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The Web Icons

To get started immediately you can use our ready-made icons, or for a small additional cost we can customise icons in accordance with your business’s current style guide. The following standard icon can be placed on the pages of your choice. It can also be placed in banner ads, e-newsletters or even in emails.

When a customer initiates a call they simply click the easyclick2call icon and this box opens automatically.

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Why use easyclick2call?

  • REDUCE website abandonment
  • NO set-up fee, NO monthly fee, NO connection fees
  • Only pay for the calls you receive
  • Lowest call rates in the market
  • Fully customizable easyclick2call icon
  • WORLDWIDE reliable service

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